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effortless presence

        with magdalena janicka  AWAKENING ASTROLOGY LAB

for awakened living
Be yourself.
Everyone else is already taken.
Oscar Wilde
  • Receive powerful keys to your vitality, happy heart and healing, and unlock your unique potential.
  • Find out how to follow your personal North Star and discover the evolutionary direction of your Soul

  • Gain deeper understanding of your growing edges and old patterns, and in this way become more empowered to transcend inner limitations into inner mastery.

You are welcome to this exhilarating experience of receiving practical compass to fulfilling life on your unique life path.  

Evolutionary astrology based on Steven Forrest's approach is the style of conscious astrology focused on freedom of our choices and respect to inner power each of us has within.  Breaking out of descriptive interpretation of birth chart, evolutionary astrology is offering deep understanding of the evolving direction of our Soul and inspiring to live courageously in embodying our true nature.

Types of readings I'm offering:

Each of us has a unique life path. Discover the core message of your birth chart, your evolution and understand your unique energetic structure. Access powerful tools for an awakened and creative life. Gain understanding of yourself on deep level.


birth chart reading

This reading lays the ground for the next ones, if you want to dive deeper: 

Empower yourself by understanding the gifts of the planets at the present time in your life. Find out windows of opportunities for growth and expansion. 



transits and progressions



Explore evolutionary purpose of specific in-depth issues while staying connected to the core message of your birth chart.

Magdalena is a facilitator and mentor of conscious presence in heart, body, and movement meditation. An author of workshops inspiring inner awakening, a publisher 

and an evolutionary astrologer.


In her readings, based in large degree on Steven Forrest's evolutionary approach, she combines many years of study in evolutionary and conscious astrology and consciousness expansion with her highly intuitive ability of seeing. 


Each session lasts approx. 2,5h  via skype, video messenger or what's ap.

Price of one session: 175 Euro

In price is included preparation of birth chart reading (or of  transits and progressions)  + sessions itself.

After Your Unique Path reading, if you want to go deeper into specific themes of your life, I offer consultations. Price: 50 Euro per 1 hour.

Bookings and further information: info@magdalenajanicka.com 

     I’ve now had several readings with Magdalena. Each one has been a turning point in my understanding and growth; she has a knack of hitting the spot and telling me things that are…it’s like I knew it already but I didn’t know I knew it, so she’s helped me to become more aware. She’s a talented astrologer, but she’s also a highly sensitive and skilled healer, which gives her readings a depth and power way beyond the ‘facts’ of what she’s saying.   

                                                                                                                                                        Adam Barley, UK

        I recently had an evolutionary astrology reading with Magdalena and it was mind blowing really. I have learnt about my past and got an insight as to what my path could be in the future if I embraced life fully. All of it resonated with me very strongly and gave me more understanding of me and my life and gave me loads to process and ponder about. Madzia was great and fully engaged and she worked with me at my own speed making sure that I understand everything and engaging in a conversation when I had questions. She gave me few tips (smaller picture which I have not seen before) as to what steps I can be taking in my daily life towards my goals which hopefully I can built from and get where my soul tells me to be :).                                                                                                                                                                Anna Baraniak, Poland

      Magdalena's astrology reading have had a huge impact on me. I've had many astrology readings of all sorts from worldwide known astrologers but nothing like Magdalena's transmition that has touched me in the deepest way. I was truly amazed at her way of skilfully, poetically and so damn accurately guiding me through the landscapes of my being astrologically. I perceived throughout the whole interaction with her ( before, during and after the reading) her profound wisdom that she was able to transmit to me. I sense she has put lots of energy into the preparation of the reading and felt her heartfelt wish in into truly and genuinely understanding my life.

        This reading was so profound for me and I'm not exaggerating saying that it was transforming. I've listened to the recording number of times, each time in tears, being touched by accuracy of the mirror of my life she has managed to let me see clearly! Magdalena's is truly talented astrologer, guide, unique artist in her profession, wise woman whose integrity and skill I trust fully. Magdalena has gifted me with so much more than I've expected! She's also sent me extra materials and suggestions to follow up. I've at last found a devoted Master Astrologer and I'm relived to know I won't be looking anywhere else. Thank you Magdalena from the bottom of my heart!

With love & gratitude, Emilia Gzyl, UK


     Dear Magdalena, thank you so much for your reading, the confident atmosphere you created, the passion in the work you did and the energy you gave in. I like your pertinent strength, mindfulness in all things and your giving!                                                                                                                                                                                         Carmen, Luxembourg

Dear Magdalena, thank you so much for your reading, your perspicacity, your involvement. 

I feel that your gift, through your readings, is a real shortcut to deep healing, so precious! 

And it makes me want even more to give also my own gift to the world... 
Once again an enormous thank you! 

                                                                                            Francois, France

     Highly recommended! I just had a transit and progression session with Magdalena and couldn't dream of a better service.         

                                                                                Yves Delattre, Belgium