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effortless presence

        with magdalena janicka

Discover your true inner nature
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Take your life experience up to a new level by recognizing and embodying the true nature of your Being.

These sessions are designed to gently guide you in the development of your connection with conscious Presence inside you that you already are. 



  • Radically increases the quality of experiencing yourself, your relationships and your life 

  • Releases stress and tension, we begin to be more relaxed in daily life

  • Connects us with deep inner peace

  • Opens the heart

  • Increases our creativity and intuition

  • It connects us to the inner fullness, we begin to live in freedom not being dependent so much on outer situations and circumstances

  • It connects us to inner power, freedom and love 

  • And much more!

The first session lasts aprox 1h45 min, each subsequent session aprox 1.5 h, sometimes shorter and takes place online.

Benefits of attending a full series of 10 weekly sessions:

  • You will receive basic training in the practice of being present with your body, thoughts, emotions and behaviors especially during stress and in emotional crisis

  • You will develop the freeing skill of being present especially in moments of stress and during emotional crisis, with unwanted feelings and emotions

  • You will receive effective awareness tools for a lifetime of self-practice

  • You will gain experience in instantly connecting with your inner power of Presence

For more visit the official Integrative Presence website:

Price of the first session: 85 Euro, then following sessions: 75 Euro each.

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Every time we encounter consciously in ourselves what we would prefer to avoid, we regain our power and life force.

Welcome to advanced sessions on shadow integration through the power of presence. Through these sessions I share my 20+ years of experience practicing presence with most uncomfortable places inside us, that leads to inner freedom and deep inner peace. 

When we avoid unwanted emotions and fears they become our shadow - a repressed part of us. By avoiding conscious contact with them we limit our potential, our life and our relationships. Our shadow activates when someone or something moves us strongly. These moments in our life are gateways to inner awakening.

I invite you to a transformative experience that can radically increase the quality of your experience of life, connect you to your life force, inner power, peace and freedom.

The online session lasts aprox 1,5 h

Price: 75 Euro 

These sessions are mainly for those who have already gone through their own series of 5 to 10 basic Integrative Presence practice sessions (with me or with certified Integrative Presence practitioner.

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  • Reconnect with your body 

  • Learn how to follow your body's wisdom and truth through its movement and dance

  • Release physical tensions end emotional - mental stress

  • Discover the power of practicing conscious presence in your body and in its movement

  • Learn to connect with your own Unique Flow in life through practicing Presence in your moving body wherever you are

  • Reconnect with and celebrate your vitality and life energy

  • Learn meditation in movement and your own natural dance and develop connection with your true inner Nature rooted in deep peace and freedom

The session (in the form of consultation, coaching combined with movement/dance) lasts about 1h - 1h15 min, takes place at Zoom.

Price of one 1h-1h15 min online session: 70 Euro


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