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      Big welcome on my web site on which I present my work based on Being Present and how it can shift your whole perspective of experiencing life, transforming it into a more expanded, awakened state, connected to your full potential. 

   Consciousness expansion and inner awakening has been my passion and practice for over 20 years. This liberating inner journey led me to realize that being consciously present with whatever I do and feel, is for me the simplest and most powerful way to connect with inner source of peace and true freedom. 

   Born in Poland, I graduated as a biologist, and always felt a deep connection with Earth, Nature and the Universe. They were my first spiritual teachers and are still the most important.

      Fifteen years ago my on my earth walk I met with Colin P. Sisson - incredible writer and teacher of conscious living, and with his method of Breath Integration. During that time I became a Breath Integration trainer, and I entered creative collaboration with Colin, and over the years becoming a contributor in the founding of Integrative Presence approach.  Our work resulted in creating together a number of workshops and trainings. Among them, the series of Meetings with Shadows led by us since 2006.

   I have always felt that being present in the body and conscious body movement hold one of the main keys to inner awakening. 

    Meeting with 5Rhythms® - conscious movement practice, was the most brilliant confirmation of that. Being their passionate student for last 10 years, I spent hundreds of hours on their practice, working with the most experienced 5R teachers, including Gabrielle Roth - the discoverer of 5Rhythms.​

  Led by love for this practice, I translated into Polish and published one of books of Gabrielle Roth - Sweat Your Prayers. 

   For many years I have been also exploring consciousness of sexual energy and its spiritual potential. Beside my own personal journey and learning’s on this path, I participated amongst others in the trainings of Skydancing Tantra Institut of Margot Anand in France and I worked with Diana Richardson.


  I enjoy inspiring people to discovery of who they already truly are in their core - infinite and timeless presence.



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