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The Power
of Being Present


Experience the practice of Being Present in your life. Expand your experience, if you already practice it. Experience connection with your inner centre, intuition and creativity, in an effortless way. Discover the power of your inner choice, available to you every moment.


Being Present in Movement


Discover the practice of Being Present in movement. Follow your body and allow it to lead you to deeper and more expanded You. 


& Ecstatic Sexuality


Explore Power of Being Present in your sexuality and realise its ecstatic potential. Give yourself a chance to expand your physical, sensual and sexual experience into meditation, discovering new  levels of yourself.


with the Shadow


Through the practice of being present dare to meet with your rejected and unconscious fears, emotions and behaviour, and experience integration of all of your being. Courageously transcend your life to be free and conscious, dancing with the unknown.

in Nature

When last time did you experience being present in or with nature? Just you and the forest, just you and the river. Just you, silence, sky above you, earth beneath your feet. Get re-connected. Nature is constantly in the present moment. Allow its  wisdom to teach you, inspire you and support you.


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